Blog Post 4/8

We’ve learned a lot of really useful tools over the past few weeks. I never knew that one could input dynamic charts, graphs and data from websites that would self update into a google sheet. Going forward, I know that these skills will prove useful in many areas even outside of digital journalism.

I’ve also really loved working on this digital project to the point where it has become a personal project that I would like to continue. It’s been a great experience getting to connect with those helping out as well as those actually living on the street. I’ve also gotten to capture moments in their lives and get to know them as people. It was an honor to be let into someone’s personal life like that, listen and be able to represent an underreported aspect of the unhoused community’s experience.

Blog Post 3/24

The last few weeks of class have been super informative. This was my first ever exposure to coding of any form as well as different methods of digital data collection and presentation. I really enjoyed the lego exercise we did as a visual representation and learning how to use different formulas in google sheets.

In relation to the digital story, it’s been an eye opening time getting to speak with and interview leadership within organizations that are supporting the homeless community. This coming Monday night I will be attempting to speak with some members of the unhoused population downtown and perhaps attempt a short profile section or portrait series, if they are willing. For me, this story goes beyond the assignment now and I would like to continue raising awareness for these issues in hopes of making impactful change in the community.

Blog Post 2/7

Welcome to my website! I’m glad you’re here. This is my first time using wordpress. I’d heard of the application before because the school paper, The Daily Aztec, uses it to upload stories on their website, but this is my first time learning to use this and I’m excited to learn more about digital journalism. My primary career interests are writing about Arts and Culture, photojournalism, and aviation. In my free time, I love to play and write music, bake, and travel. In the future, I would love to be able to combine all these passions professionally.

Going into this semester, I feel like digital literacy is an invaluable skill for the evolving industry. Whether it’s safety and security online or how to best leverage the digital world as a professional and personal tool, I’m looking forward to the challenges and growth this class brings.

Blog Post 2/19

This past week we delved into choosing a story pitch idea and learned about media law and ethics. I thought it was a really good breakdown to summarize and reinforce some of the concepts I’m learning about in my 494 class as well. Morality can be such a grey area when it comes to certain situations where what’s “right” isn’t always clearly evident.

I’m also excited to start working on my story idea covering the homelessness crisis in San Diego. I feel like I’ve known about a lot of different resources and been involved in community outreach for a while but this is the first time I’ll one be able to dive into behind the scenes and talk to people running the operation. I’m looking forward to putting to the work the skills I’m learning about in my photojournalism class as well in order to put together a photo essay.